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Thanksgiving Thoughts  / Shelia-Wife Of Angel Kenneth Dueitt   Read >>
Thanksgiving Thoughts  / Shelia-Wife Of Angel Kenneth Dueitt

Passing through  / Lola Owens (Just passing through )  Read >>
Passing through  / Lola Owens (Just passing through )
I am truely sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter, my heart goes out to you and your family....

Thak you you for sharing her story, her site is absolutely beautiful. Just as your sweet sweet angel....

Much love from far away....Lola (Tristens mom)
Happy Halloween Holli  / Sharon   Read >>
Happy Halloween Holli  / Sharon
My girl  / Mom   Read >>
My girl  / Mom
I am sorry that I have been away from you lately Holli.  I have been going through a denial faze again.  Hoping beyond hope that this has all just been some horrible nightmare that I will wake up from.  Sometimes I just pretend your away for a little while and then I will find something of yours and it all comes back like new.  I don't know sometimes how I can make it through a day knowing you are not here.  I was cleaning around the computer and found your jewelry box.  I can see you wearing all of it.  But then I tried to imagine you talking to me like I do most days and I couldn't.  I couldn't remember.  I couldn't remember how you sounded.  I thought I was going to die that instant.  My fear every day has been that I will forget anything about you.  And now that one detail has slipped away from me.  I know its probably temporary, I am tired and have been out of sorts lately.  But it just breaks my heart.  I do feel deep down that you are very happy where you are, but I still wish you could be here with me.  My life just will never be the same without you.  Bet you never knew that huh.  I don't think anyone realizes the affect they have on someone until they are gone.  I never pictured you gone.  People always say that God doesn't give you more than you can handle but that is a lie.  God knew that losing you is something that I will never be able to deal with.  I watched your heart break when you lost two of your good friends and remember trying to make you understand why it happened.  Now I have got to try and make myself understand.  

It is getting cooler now and the leaves are falling.  I remember the first house we bought, I was pregnant with you and was sitting in a chair by the open window feeling the breeze and remember feeling so happy.
I love this time of year and I loved being pregnant with you.  Whenever I feel the wind and smell the leaves burning, I always get that same feeling.  It's like I travel back in time to that one moment in my life.  

Amanda and Daniel got your dad another dog.  A bassett hound.  He has been miserable thinking about your JoJo ever since he died.  He was constantly saying that he was going to get another dog just like him.  
This beautiful 6 month old little girl was needing a home.  She looks so much like JoJo that they could be twins.  And guess what!  Her name when she came to us was Mollie.
How cool was that.  I call her Mollie wally sometimes just like mamaw and papaw used to call you Holli Wally.  I also get confused and call her JoJo sometimes.  Especially when I have to get onto her for chewing up everything she sees.  OMG.  I so forgot about JoJo chewing everything up until Mollie came along.  It all came back to me real fast.  

I miss talking to you.  You and your father are the only ones who ever really understood me and I just can't talk you your father like I could you.  Alot of times I didn't have to even speak a word to you, and you understood what was wrong and tried to fix it.  I miss your phone calls.  I miss you coming in in the morning and kissing me bye.
I miss your sour face when you didn't get your way and I miss your beautiful smile that lit up the room when you were happy.  I miss your laugh.  If I close my eyes and think real hard I can remember what it was like to hold you.  I miss holding you.

I love you Holli waddles and miss you to the moon and back.

Love mom
My Deepest Sympathies.  / John Plourde (Bereaved Father )  Read >>
My Deepest Sympathies.  / John Plourde (Bereaved Father )
(((To the Family of Holli Nicole Crockett))),
I am SO SORRY to read of your beloved, beautiful, and loving daughter, Holli Crocket’s horrible devastating accident and her sudden, sad death. I am sorry that you have to go through such a horrible ordeal to see that justice is served for your beautiful daughter.
I know the pain, anguish and devastation that you feel as you continue to ask…”WHY”. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, as you travel along this horrible journey.
As I read about your beautiful Holli, I am sure that your daughter, Holli touched so many in her life; she will forever be an amazing young woman. I hope that Holli’s life and the happy memories have provided you some comfort on your darkest days of grief.
The death of a child is the most devastating event of a parent’s life. The road of grief is a LONG and DIFFICULT journey; we as bereaved parents and our families need to live “one breath at a time”.
My wife Bernice and I are also from Connecticut and are the parents of a beautiful, loving, heavenly Angel Danielle Marie. On February 20th, 2006 at 11 years 1 month and 17 days old, our beautiful, precious and life-loving, young daughter, Danielle Marie died at 10:59am in an automobile collision in Sturbridge, MA. She died of a massive traumatic head injury and was pronounced dead at the scene. We also have a wonderful, handsome 15 year old son, Jonathan.
Take Care & May God give you & your loving family the strength and courage to guide you all along this terrible, emotional and relentless journey.

With Deepest Sympathies,
John-Danielle Marie’s Daddy
1/4/95-2/20/06 (head trauma-motor vehicle accident)
In Loving Memory of Danielle-Marie
“Her friendship was an inspiration, her love a blessing”
I'm so very sorry for your loss.  / Holli (Mommy Of Faith)   Read >>
I'm so very sorry for your loss.  / Holli (Mommy Of Faith)
I came home this evening after a somewhat frightening experience on the highway (we just moved here and I got lost).  Somehow I found my way to your website... I read it from beginning to end.

As a mother, I can not imagine losing my child - and I'm just so sorry.  I always wish there was some way to reach through the miles and do.. something to help - but I know there isn't anything.

I just couldn't read all of this without leaving you a message.  I know time doesn't heal this type of wound - but I hope you have found some sort of peace.


Rest In Peace  / Brittany Andrews (Cousin to Angel Jaxon Byram )  Read >>
Rest In Peace  / Brittany Andrews (Cousin to Angel Jaxon Byram )
dear holli & family

I am so sorry about holli. She was a beautiful girl and her "boyfriend" should be punished to the full extent. Like you said he still has his life and she lost hers over his carelessness. He should have taken better care of her. You would have thought he would have learned from his first experience with drinking and driving. My cousin Jaxon also past away in a car accident on July 6th 2005 and he is missed dearly.  This page for holli is beautiful and never stop writin to her. Holli, let Jaxon know that i love him with everything that i have.. and always remember holli that you family loves you so much and they will never forget you!!
Hi Holli!!  / Leanne Ellis   Read >>
Hi Holli!!  / Leanne Ellis
Hey Holli, Are you enjoyin the sun?
                                                           I bet you are i am haha. Is my son being good? hope so, make sure he and all the other younger angels put their suncream on.
Are you looking after your mum she missis you terribly Holli, I really do feel for her. Send her lots of angel love and kisses.
Thinking of you and ur family xx
Thinking of you.  / Brandy Julias Mommy   Read >>
Thinking of you.  / Brandy Julias Mommy

Poor Holli =[  / Jen Flynn (Angel Nancy Pfiff )  Read >>
Poor Holli =[  / Jen Flynn (Angel Nancy Pfiff )
I am so sorry for the loss of Holli.    She and I were born the same year and just knowing that someone my age died so young (and very beautiful) along with the circumstances of her tragic death are very upsetting.  She sounded like such a great person and a girl after my own heart since she loved animals and children.  She will always be with you.  <3  Holli and your family certainly will be in my prayers.  <3  (By the way, this is a beautiful memorial!)

I'm so sorry.  / Vicki Mummy Of Baby-k   Read >>
I'm so sorry.  / Vicki Mummy Of Baby-k

I'm vicki, baby Keiron woods's mummy. You sent me a beautiful picture for keiron's site a while ago. 

When I saw it, I put it straight onto his site as I loved it!
However, when i wrote who the pic was from on the site, i mistakenly spelt holli's sir name 'crockell', so when i later did a search on memory-of.com, i couldn't find her site to visit.

I just gathered she didn't have one at that time.

It was only today, when I was looking through all keiron's tributes that I realised that i had spelt it wrong! So I did a search today and found her site. 

I'm so sorry, I wasn't meaning to be rude and ignoring you, I am so greatful for the tribute, it is beautiful.

I'm so sorry you had to loose holli, she's a stunning girl. I bet she is looking after all the little one's, including my Keiron. 

Once again, I'm sorry it took me so long to find Holli's site, but I'm so glad I have, it is lovely, you have done so well. I bet Holli is so proud of you. 

All my love, 



Birthdays / Mom   Read >>
Birthdays / Mom
Well Holli, I made it through my birthday today without crying....... until I saw a nascar commercial.  Then I remembered the christmas that we got your dad the nascar game with the steering wheel and I remembered me and you in the kitchen laughing at him sitting on the floor playing with it.  He looked like a big kid trying to steer that thing.
I still cannot believe you are not here.  It seems like such a nightmare to me.  
But you would have been proud of me today though cus I stayed strong.  I did not let anyone see me cry. 
I bought you some more angels today.
I really have got to go clean your area.  I haven't been able to go see you for awhile and it has got to be looking rough.  Sometimes I question putting your picture on your stone.  You just keep smiling at me and I feel so quilty for feeling so sad.
I know you are happy holli, I really do, but I miss you so much.
We are trying to fix up the back yard some.  It is just so hot.  I cleaned out the fish pond.  The last time I did that was with you.  I need to clean the fish tank in the house but it was with you that I did that too.  I am just not ready to do it without you yet.  The fish you bought me are still doing good in there.  I need to get a light for it so that i can see them again.  It has been out for awhile.  It is on your dads "to-do" list. 

I love you holli and I am sending you warm hugs and many kisses tonight.

Love always,
Thinking of you  / Marcelle Daniels Mum (connected by angels )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Marcelle Daniels Mum (connected by angels )

just some thoughts  / Mom   Read >>
just some thoughts  / Mom

I don't think I could ever explain to someone how hard it is to be the parent of an angel.  I am scared I am going to forget even the smallest thing about Holli, yet I can't bring myself to look at her pictures.
Some I can look at for just a moment but then I come across one like this......

Just one glance at this picture broke my heart all over again.  This is what I think about when I think about holli.  She was always helping me and I was always bugging her.  That is the "MOM" look that I got so many times.  I miss that look.  This one picture sent me over the edge once again.  For two days I could not function at all.  I just wanted to die.  I could only think about being with her.
I am told often, not in so many words that I shouldn't dwell on this.
This is not a choice for me.  I do not choose to have this heart wrenching pain.  I have it and it is what my life will forever be like.  God how I wish I could live my life again.  I wish my faith was strong enough to let my heart heal just knowing Holli is in a much better place.  But I can't.  I just cannot be happy that my daughter is dead.  I know it is selfish of me to want her back, but I do.  
I am lonely without her.  I don't think I really realized how connected we were until she was gone.
Everybody wants me to let go but they don't understand that the day I let go will be the day I join her.  

I love you Holli and God only knows how much I miss you.

Gettin better!!  / Leanne Ellis   Read >>
Gettin better!!  / Leanne Ellis
Hi Holli, im not as good as your mum on the computer but i made this for you, its a start dont you think hahaha, hope you and ur mum like it xoxoxox Close
Such a loss!!  / Leanne Ellis   Read >>
Such a loss!!  / Leanne Ellis
Such a short life, yet so deeply deeply remembered, you really did leave a mark on all your family and friends....I bet your really proud of your mum for the site she has done for you on memory-of, its beautiful just like you...Hope you have met my angel son?
Ha ha i bet your keeping all those angel babies in check and lending them in the right direction on eternal life..Godbless holli. Thinking of you and your family Love Leanne xoxox Close
Thinking of You.  / Shelia-Wife Of Angel Kenneth Dueitt (Visitor)  Read >>
Thinking of You.  / Shelia-Wife Of Angel Kenneth Dueitt (Visitor)

I'm so sorry for the senseless tragic loss of your beautiful daughter Holli. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You were blessed to have such a wonderful daughter, and Angel Holli was blessed to have such a caring and loving family. May God Bless you with peace and comfort all the days of your life.  xoxo

Happy Fathers day Paul  / MOM   Read >>
Happy Fathers day Paul  / MOM
I know how hard Fathers day was for you.  I should have been there for you more but I fought back tears the whole day.  Holidays are not Holidays anymore without Holli here.  I know she would have given you the best fathers day.  I hurt for you Paul, I really do.  I know you miss Holli so much and it is hard for you to talk about it.  I am and will continue to try and be strong for you.  I wish I knew how to stop your pain.  I don't even know how to stop mine.

The last conversation you had with holli, she was telling you her plans for you on fathers day.  She was going to take you out to eat.
That replays in my mind.  I can see her planning it all now.  She had grown up so much that last year.  She had become quite the little lady.  I was so proud of her.  I wish I had told her.  I hope she knew.

She loved you so much Paul.  She was always trying to take care of you.  She was and always will be your little girl.

I love you Paul with all my heart.
Happy Fathers Day!!

Tammy and Holli Close
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY  / Debbie Wengert Kevin's Mom   Read >>
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY  / Debbie Wengert Kevin's Mom

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