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Thank you for visiting Holli  / Holli's Mom

The only thing I can do for Holli now is to make sure she is not forgotten and so I cannot thank each one of you enough for visiting her site.  It is with a heavy heart that I cannot share her page with family members as they are still to upset to visit so you all have become like family to me and Holli.  You never know sometimes what effect you have on a person with the little things that you do and I want you to know that you bring so much love with your comments, candles and gifts that you leave for Holli.  Sometimes I cannot visit her site myself because the pain is to much at the moment and I take such comfort knowing that she is being visited by such wonderful people.  You have so kindly kept her company for me in some of my long absences and I cannot explain how much that means to me.  I want so badly to be here for her always but sometimes the pain is to hard and I cannot face it.  

I just want you to know how much your visits mean to me and her father.  It is a very lonely life being a parent to an angel and it helps to come on here and visit all the caring people who make time for our daughter. 

Thank you kind friends,
Holli's mom and dad

My Condolences  / Yaseen Khan (None)  Read >>
My Condolences  / Yaseen Khan (None)
This is truly heartbreaking. I stumbled across this while doing research on MADD website. My condolences. May you rest in peace. I love the idea of this memorial website it truly leaves an everlasting mark on her legacy. Take care, stay strong.

-YK. Close
I love and miss you  / Mom   Read >>
I love and miss you  / Mom
8 years ago you gained your wings and joined our LORD in heaven, and for 8 years we have cried. Even though we know you are in the best place possible, our hearts still want you here. Our memories of you only get stronger as each day passes. You brought laughter and love into our lives and we will always love and miss you holli. Time cannot take that away, in our hearts you will stay. Close
Christmas Blessings  / Saralyn Smith   Read >>
Christmas Blessings  / Saralyn Smith
Wishing you God's peace and comfort during this Christmas season, and His richest blessings for the New Year. Love and hugs, Saralyn Close
Your Loss  / Rose Martinez (None)  Read >>
Your Loss  / Rose Martinez (None)
You don't know me however I felt I needed to write something to you. I was online today researching a safety message for a business meeting & came across the story of Holli. I read more & more of this tragedy & will present the message of drinking & driving and Holli's story at the meeting today, in her memory & her honor. I have no children & can not know the pain you have experienced & will continue to bear throughout your life but please know & believe that my prayers are with you & your family, and they are heartfelt & sincere. I am also an animal lover & was touched by her love of them also. I know in my heart that she watches over you all & blesses you with her angel spirit. God bless you all now & forever. Close
Your gift was delivered  / Cheryl Watson (Mom's friend )  Read >>
Your gift was delivered  / Cheryl Watson (Mom's friend )
It's been 7 years and 1 day ago you were taken. It seems like yesterday that I heard the horrible news. Since then, your mom and I have grown so close. I think you have played a major role in that. You knew we would need each other in times of sorrow and joy - you brought us together. I finally had delivered the ornament you were so adamant about her having! She loved it! Of course, you already knew that, didn't you! We both laughed at how persistant you were in her having that. Thank you, Holli, for choosing me as your messenger and gift bearer. I promise next time I'll watch closer when you leave a sign. We'll all be together one day so get me and your mom a spot ready! Spread your wings and fly high, my girl...much love.... Close
Happy Valentine's Day precious Holli...with love  / Teri Drebit (Jaime's Mom)   Read >>
Happy Valentine's Day precious Holli...with love  / Teri Drebit (Jaime's Mom)

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The little girl with red hair  / Mom   Read >>
The little girl with red hair  / Mom


I know it has been such a long time since I have been here to talk to you.  I found the dime you left me this morning.  It meant everything to me.  You know my life stopped when you died and has been such a struggle ever since.  I guess I never realized how much we leaned on each other until you were gone.  I keep looking for at least a little of that kind of relationship with others but it just doesnt happen.  There will never be another red headed girl like you.  You were one of a kind.  It is coming on six years since you left.  I always knew I would count your milestones in life but who ever thought I would be counting the days since you left this world :(   

Your dad and I miss you so much.  I know your brother does too.  He just doesnt talk about it but I see it.

I love you waddles.  Always have and always will.


thinking about you  / Mom   Read >>
thinking about you  / Mom

Oh Holli you have been on my mind so much lately.  I miss the closeness we had.  I miss the mother and daughter bond.  I won't lie and say I'm not jealous when I see other mothers with daughters and I wish it could be me and you.  I don't think anyone can understand how hard it is to live without part of your heart.  My heart will never be whole again my baby not till I see you again.

I love you my holli waddles.  I think about you every moment and with every breath. 

Happy Birthday my Baby.  / Mom   Read >>
Happy Birthday my Baby.  / Mom

Happy Birthday my sweet RED HEAD.  26 years old.  I can't believe it.  Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating your 21st birthday.  5 years...since I held you close and heard those words that I loved hearing from you "I love you mom".

I miss that.  I never hear that anymore.  It will be hard today at work trying not to cry.  I just want to cry so bad.  I figured it would get easier as time went by but it doesn't.  It just gets easier to pretend. Then days like this come along and it's like living it all over again.  Your dad holds it all in but I can see the heartbreak on his face everyday.  You will always be his little girl. His partner in Crime.

I better get back to work.  I love you Holli Waddles to the moon and back and miss you with every breath I take.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Love Mom

Sending you love.  / Theresa Hobbs (None)  Read >>
Sending you love.  / Theresa Hobbs (None)
I am no relation and never knew your daughter I found this page as my friend lost her daughter aged 5 and I was looking for poems to help her.
I just wanted to send you my love and say that Holli looks beautiful.
Sorry for your huge loss.
xxx Close

I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new
I thought about you yesterday and days before that too
I think of you in silence I often speak your name
All I have are memories and your picture in a frame
Your memory is my keepsake with which I’ll never part
God has you in His keeping I have you in my heart.

Remembering you and Holli  / Yolanda Rogers   Read >>
Remembering you and Holli  / Yolanda Rogers

Sorry I missed posting on Holli's birthday.  Our Anna would have also turned 25 yesterday. I know your pain and how very important it is to have our beloved remember them.  We miss them all the time. We will miss them forever. I know from experience however how incredible as it is to believe some days the pain can be even deeper and keener. I pray that our Lord will hold you extra close and that you might know His comfort and peace in a very special way as you celebrate the remembrance of Holli's birth and brief but unforgettable life with you this side of Heaven.


In His Love



Happy Birthday Holli  / Mom   Read >>
Happy Birthday Holli  / Mom

Happy 25th Birthday


I love and miss you more each day my beautiful daughter.  I still can't believe you are not here.

I often think about what life would be like if you were still here.  If you would have kids by now and what you would be doing.  I know you would still be at the vets office.  I don't think anything would have taken you away from that job.

I am glad you came to bobbie in her dreams.  She needs lots of visits from you.  She has a very hard time accepting you are gone.

I am going to have a small party for you at snack time at the daycare.  I wish I could have one with all the kids I kept at home.  They had such a good time celebrating for you.

I wish you were here to see how much they have grown.  Sometimes when I see them I close my eyes and picture what you would say.

I know you would tell kayla how pretty her long hair is.  Tell zoey how rotten she is lol.  Laugh at how cute and tough shyla is.  How handsome mason has become.  How smart zack is. How much skyler has grown.  How adorable chaston and cason are.

I can just see it now.......

I wish I could have seen you have your first child.  I had always pictured it in my mind and dreamed of the day.  Wondered how you would have been as a mother.  I knew you would be a great mother. I had no doubts on that.  No doubts whatsoever. 

Happy Birthday my Holli Waddles.  I know you are having a Rocking good time up there.  I love and miss you and always will.

Love mom

Deepest sympathies  / Wendy Gvozdich (none to Holli, but a mother of 3 daughters ages 24, 23 and 12 )  Read >>
Deepest sympathies  / Wendy Gvozdich (none to Holli, but a mother of 3 daughters ages 24, 23 and 12 )

I just wanted to say how very sorry I am for your loss Tammy.  I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that you feel.  As a mother of 3 daughters ages 24 23 and 12  I don't know how I could keep on going on if I lost one of them-my heart breaks for you hun.  You have done a wonderful job with Holli's website and I know that she is proud of you for your everlasting commitment to making sure that her memory lives on forever.  My oldest daughter was born 8 months and 2 days after Holli-so they are very close in age.  I have preached to all of them to never drink and drive and to never ride with anyone who has been-I hope they continue to listen.  Finally I want to thank you for spreading the message about drunk driving-I wish all young AND old people would think about the consequences of that before they do it.  You and your family will always be in my thoughts and prayers and Angel Holli will always be your special angel!  She was absolutely beautiful by the way!!  She had some of the prettiest eyes I have ever seen.  Stay strong and thank you for allowing me to convey my condolences to you.

With Love

Wendy Gvozdich

Goodnight Sweet angel!  / Angela- Daughter To Angel Linda Taylor   Read >>
Goodnight Sweet angel!  / Angela- Daughter To Angel Linda Taylor

hey girl  / MOM   Read >>
hey girl  / MOM

I know it seems like an eternity since I have been here to see you.  I went to your resting place and am working on fixing it back up.  I have bought you alot of stuff to make it look pretty, but it has been extrememly hot and I am waiting for it to cool just a little bit.

I had my last surgery last week.  I start my new medication soon and hopefully that will be the end of the cancer.  I am working hard at my job and the kids are quick to give me a hug when I think about you and start crying.  It is amazing how much little children can understand.

I see so much of you in Zoey.  She has your spunk.  She would be driving you crazy.  Neither one of you would back down and it would always be a stand-off.  I wish you could see how much the kids have grown.  You  would be amazed at how different Jessica and Kayla are.  It seems like only yesterday you were rocking them and singing them to sleep.  I sometimes start to get onto Zoey and call her Holli by mistake.  She is as rotten as you were at that age. 

I lost lizzie.   Her dad got out of jail and got custody of her and they wont let me see her.  It broke my heart.  It was like losing you all over again.  I have had her since she was 5 weeks old and to have her taken away so sudden was devastating .  Her second birthday is july 14 and I will be missing it.  I think I will buy her a rose bush and plant it beside yours.   Your white roses did not fair to well but your red ones bloom alot.  Only right for red roses to bloom for my red headed angel.

I miss you holli waddles and think about you every day.  I still expect you to come through the door.  I don't know what will happen when I realize that it is real and that you won't be coming home.

Rags will be joining you soon.  He is in bad health and mamaw and papaw are having a hard time letting him go.  Please take care of him and send them some signs that hes ok when he gets there.  He has completely quit eating and is losing wait fast.  Papaw will be lost without him.  Rags is his little buddy.

I will let you go for now waddles, but don't ever think that I have forgotten you.  I know my visits are far and in between.  Mr. Vince makes sure you know that you are in our hearts and I thank him with all my heart for that.  He understands the pain and helps so much.

I love you my baby girl.


loving and missing you my sweet baby girl  / Mom   Read >>
loving and missing you my sweet baby girl  / Mom



Sending 4th of July wishes to you!  / Angela -. Daughter To Angel Linda Taylor   Read >>
Sending 4th of July wishes to you!  / Angela -. Daughter To Angel Linda Taylor

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